Multimedia Graphic Novels

Richard began to realise the potential of graphic novels soon after learning that Amazon had bought ComiXology. This means graphic novels can be read alongside Kindle and Audible books. A graphic novel could be read on any smart phone.  Richard's first thought was to write graphic novel scripts inspired by, or based on his father's work - of course it was..  

After writing a script based on the Man In The Blue Mask written under his father's Anthony Morton nom de plume Richard became increasingly aware he was missing something.  

Two somethings in fact.  Using QR Codes to seamlessly link to video, sound and print archives that that were hitherto stored in attics, garages, Richard's hanger or (best of all) an air-conditioned storage facility. Using his iPhone or iPad to create screenshots from documentaries that he was involved in . 

And so Richard began writing multimedia graphic documentaries based of feature documentaries that he knew inside out, upside down and back to front: