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Richard Creasey - Luck & Adventure Beyond Belief

Richard... A lucky dyslexic

Luck No. 1:  Growing up surrounded by words. Richard's father, John Creasey, was the world’s most prolific author


Luck No. 2: Driving twice around the world before he was twenty, opened his mind to the spirit of adventure


Luck No. 3: Looking for a job when television was up-and-coming... And for fourteen subsequent years enjoying the best job in the business - being the documentaries’ boss at Central TV

Luck No. 4 - Conceiving and leading the Ford London New York Overland Challenge, which on December 27th 1993 set out from London, made it across the frozen wastes of Siberia, to an eventual triumphant arrival at United Nations headquarters in New York.


Luck No. 5 - Co-founding of 'The Digital Village' with leading thinkers and doers -including Douglas Adams - cult writer of 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy'.




As Napoleon said... "Luck is half of everything" 



Moving into my seventh decade feels like the perfect time to tell some stories. 


I’ve opted to start the ball rolling by developing this multimedia site.


Click TELEVISION to find documentries that I researched, produced and commissioned.



to get a good insight into my prolific father's 600 books, and two I have written.



to get a hint of what drives me.


The time to work out where to go next will be when this site is half full of passionate, controversial, opinionated stories …


My glass has always been half full.


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