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1965- 1995

Richard's thrilling television career took shape at Granada TV where, in his twenties he worked as a documentary researcher and a producer for World In Action.


In his thirties Richard became Central Independent Television's longest serving programme controller, responsible for all aspects of the company's award winning features and documentary output. He also spearheaded Central's programming for Channel 4.


During his forties Richard  was, at the same time, Director of Special Projects at Central Television and Director of Network Factual Programmes at Meridian Broadcasting.  He also co-founded the Television Trust for the Environment (tve) and the East West Creative Association (EWCA).


To précis the story of his outstanding television career Richard has written a few 'story summaries' that span three decades. Many of these stories also contain links to programmes and films Richard researched, produced or commissioned:



Deep South (1968)


If The Village Dies (1969)


I Was A Soldier (1970)


The Dust At Acre Mill (1971)


Hooded Men (1973)


South African Experience (1977)


Around The World With Ridgway (1978)


Year Zero (1979)


Gamekeeper (1980)


Death Of A Princess (1980)


Decade of Destruction (1980/90)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1982)


Walter (1982)

Eiger Solo (1983)


Vietnam:  A Television History (1983)

The Good, the Bad and the Indefensible (1984)


Strangers Abroad (1986)


Juris Podnieks (1987)


Can Polar Bears Tread Water? (1989)

The Struggle for Democracy (1989)


Sea Power (1992)


Ford London New York Overland Challenge (1993/4)


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