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Richard Creasey

His first two books were written after an exhilarating career in television ...

Richard’s first book, Meet Dog Hero, An Allegory on Leadership, was conceived when Disney decided to produce some ‘local’ Russian production. Richard, ever keen to branch out into something new, agreed to pen a new take on the classic romantic Russian Fairy Tale, The Firebird If Disney liked it, they’d co-commission a script.


Disney liked Meet Dog Hero - a lot.  Jan Needle was commissioned to write what Richard quickly described as a ‘wicked’, hugely exciting script. Days before the script was delivered  Disney changed management in Moscow and no one there even read it.  Nevertheless Meet Dog Hero gave Richard the confidence to keep writing.


His second book, Eternity’s Sunrise sprang out of Richard's determination to join the Crime Writers Association (CWA), which his famous father had founded back in the fifties to encourage crime writers to keep writing.  To join the CWA a novelist needs to compose a full length novel and find a ‘proper’ publisher.


For John Creasey that was all in a week’s work, literally - Richard’s father regularly wrote 20,000 words a day and he had a dozen publishers. Richard took well over two years to complete his first novel .


Eternity's Sunrise inspired by his journey through Siberia, which Richard crossed as part of the Ford London New York Overland Challenge was published by Endeavour Press in 2007.


“A blistering thriller. It takes off at a hundred miles an hour and speeds up from there” – Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force series. 

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