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See You Around The Universe

Sixteen story summaries from Richard Creasey's three decades in television between 1965 - 1995.


I'm a paragraph that could tell people a little more about your futuristic overview of the CUATU project... 

My childhood and career opened many doors to what I later realised were some extraordinarily lucky experiences during ground breaking times.


Way back then... little did I realise as I accepted work offers just what dangers (in hindsight) I would face and how may remarkable personal connections I would make.

If The Village Dies (1969)
I Was A Soldier (1970)
Hooded Men (1973)
South African Experience (1977)
Around The World With Ridgeway (1978)
Year Zero (1979)
Death of A Princess (1980)
Decade of Destruction (1990)
Walter (1982)
Vietnam: A Television History (1983)
Juros Podnieks (1987)
Sea Power (1982)
CUATU - Ford London - New York Overland Challenge (1993 - 1994)

More scrapbook newspaper cuttings here...

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