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John Creasey(1908-1973)

The King of Crime Writers 

Richard's father, John Creasey, was one of the world's most prolific authors. 


He published over 600 books following 743 rejection slips, with worldwide sales in November 1971 of over 80 million copies in at least 5000 different editions in 28 different languages. And he won a host of top awards including, in 1969, the Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master.


The following entries were written by John Creasey himself a couple of years before he died.

Three links that will give you a glimpse of  John Creasey, who everyone in the library and book world knows was a phenomenon.


TOP:  goes straight to his biography.  The King Of The Crime Writers written by Nigel Cawthorn to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Crime Writers Association which was founded by John Creasey.


MIDDLE:  leads to John Creasey Books published by IPSO Books an exciting new division of Literary Agents: Peters Fraser and Dunlop. PFD own the rights to all John Creasey's work.


BOTTOM:  the project Richard put together about his father for H2G2, when he was working at BBC Online.

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