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Round Britain by Microlight


  CFM Streak Shadow Series M 




Richard's G-MYTY is nicknamed 'Mighty Bird' - she’s so much bigger than the millions of migrating birds that fill our skies.

CFM Shadows and Streaks made long journeys and set some class records. In 1987 Eve Jackson flew from the UK to Australia in a Shadow, a flight repeated the following year by Brian Milton. A later flight took a Shadow from the UK to Beijing.

In 1983-4 Shadows set FAI world class records for speed over 3 km and for range, and in 1990 David Cook took a Streak to 27,066 ft (8,250 m), a UK record.

24 Streak Shadows were ordered by the Indian Armed Forces in what was then the world's largest microlight contract.

Richard's was the first Streak Shadow with a 'bulletproof' Rotax 912 engine to be on the UK SSDR register.  

She has a MTOW (maximum take off weight) of 325kg allowing ample fuel (Avgas and Mogas) to give '
Mighty Bird' a range of 500 miles, cruising at 90 mph.

G-MYTY was built in 1994 by Nigel Beale as a single seater specifically for competition use. She won the World Air Games in Turkey, with Paul Dewhurst in the pilots seat. 

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