Top to Bottom (On Ice!)



During my fascinating 30 year television career I commissioned award winning filmmakers to shoot documentaries on every continent.  As a general rule I saw myself as a publisher, working in the background.


One, of half a dozen, exceptions to this rule was the 'Ford London New York Overland Challenge’, which I dreamt up and led. 


The result was on 27th December 1993 an international team of optimists set out from London, made it across the frozen wastes of Siberia, to an eventual triumphant arrival at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Ever since I have been searching for another grand adventure that would also fit me like a glove. And I've found it:

Africa - Top To Bottom. A six-week single seat, single engine flying adventure starting in London and ending in Cape Town. Scheduled for the autumn of 2019.


Like all grand adventures Africa - Top To Bottom is a romantic journey of discovery, this time in my low and slow CFM Streak Shadow aircraft, Mighty Bird that can land and take off from grass strips and gravel tracks and when necessary refuel at isolated gas stations.


Taking advantage of this short takeoff and landing capability (STOL), the fastest route will often be ignored in favour of detours to meet old friends and make new ones in burgeoning cities and unforgettable landscapes.


Cairo, the Great Rift Valley, Nairobi, Ngorongoro Crater, Okavango Delta, the Victoria Falls, Cape Town - fascinating people and glorious locations to wonder at and learn from. 


Learning something new every day is one of a pilot’s many extraordinay privileges.


'Africa - Top to Bottom'


Narrative for this low-flying aerial challenge


The 2016 Crete 2 Cape Vintage Air Rally itinerary, which saw aeroplanes with similar specifications to ours, successfully fly from the north to south of Africa in five weeks
Pipistrel Virus SW80

CFM Streak Shadow 912

An overview of what will need to be put in place for Africa - Top to Bottom to be accomplished.  A password will be needed to see the pages linked from this overview



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