Top to Bottom (OnIce!)


As I followed the recent '2016 Crete2Cape Vintage Air Rally' on Facebook I knew the organisers had provided the template for my 'Africa - Top to Bottom' itinerary. 

Africa - Top to Bottom


Narrative for this low-flying aerial challenge

Pipistrel Virus SW80

CFM Streak Shadow 912

An overview of what will need putting in place for Africa - Top to Bottom to be accomplished.  A password will be needed to see the pages linked from this overview


Insights into what’s on my mind

The 'Crete2Cape' itinerary was planned for day VFR-flying in November December when the weather is generally clear skies and glorious sunshine (temperatures 35C).

Vintage aeroplanes fly low and slow so the 6000 miles from Crete to Cape Town was scheduled to take five weeks. A comfortable 200 to 300 miles every flying day.


Nearer the time the organizers and I will, of course, publish a detailed 'Africa - Top to Bottom' itinerary.