Top toBottom (OnIce!)



Ever since co-founding 'The Digital Village', with Douglas Adams, Robbie Stamp and half a dozen exceptional others in the nineties, I've been searching for a special something for social media. With a grand project on the horizon that time is coming.  A blog seemed the obvious place start.


As I sat down to glare at a blank screen, I was invited by close friend and Arctic explorer Chrintina Franco to read a letter by Bruce Chatwin at a South Kensington Club Voyager Event: 'Traveller’s Letters Live'. A reading of 'Historical Explorer's Letters Read By Today's Explorers'. All the letters were hugely informative to read and mostly fun to write. 


So that's the genesis for ‘Letters’


Letters to Vera, my wife and critical confidante.  Letters to Sarah, my BBC producer daughter, who is highly literate just like her famous grandfather.


Letters that allow me to write with an informal, uninhibited  voice about issues I might have thought through endlessly but bottled up in an inhibited British Public schoolboy sort of a way.


Watch this space...

'Africa - Top to Bottom'



Narrative for this low-flying aerial challenge

The 2016 Crete 2 Cape Vintage Air Rally itinerary, which saw aeroplanes with similar specifications to ours, successfully fly from the north to south of Africa in five weeks
Pipistrel Virus SW80

CFM Streak Shadow 912

An overview of what will need to be put in place for Africa - Top to Bottom to be accomplished.  A password will be needed to see the pages linked from this overview